Courses I teach regularly include the following:

  • Philosophy of the Earth Sciences: From Deep Time to the Anthropocene (PH 476/676)
  • Gender, Race, & Science (PH 436/636)
  • Topics in the Philosophy of Science (PH 487/687)
  • Science, Technology, & Values (PH 272)
  • Introduction to Logic (PH 160)

Ph.D. Student Thesis Direction

Katherine Valde “Philosophical Perspectives on Time in Biology” (2019). (Tenure-track, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S.C.)

Stacey Goguen, “Stereotype Threat, Epistemic Agency, and Self Identity” (2016). (Tenure-track, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago)

Irina (Meketa) Mikhalevich, “Experiment and Bias: The Case of Parsimony in Comparative Cognition” (2013) (McDonnell Post-doc in Philosophy-Neuroscience- Psychology at Washington University-St. Louis; now tenure track at Rochester Institute of Technology).

Orla Richardson, “Success and Reliability: Methodological Issues in Nanoscience Modeling” (2010) (Instructor, National University of Ireland, Galway).

William Devlin, “Defending the Enterprise: A Theory of Truth for Thomas Kuhn,” (2008) (Tenured at Bridgewater State University).

Ph.D. Thesis Examination at Other Universities

Hernán Bobadilla, University of Vienna (Austria), 2021

Nahuel Sznajderhaus, University of Leeds (U.K.), 2017.

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