Courses I teach regularly include the following:

  • Philosophy of the Earth Sciences: From Deep Time to the Anthropocene (PH 476/676)
  • Gender, Race, & Science (PH 436/636)
  • Topics in the Philosophy of Science (PH 487/687)
  • Science, Technology, & Values (PH 272)
  • Introduction to Logic (PH 160)

Ph.D. Student Thesis Direction

Katherine Valde “Philosophical Perspectives on Time in Biology” (2019). (Tenure-track, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S.C.)

Stacey Goguen, “Stereotype Threat, Epistemic Agency, and Self Identity” (2016). (Tenure-track, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago)

Irina (Meketa) Mikhalevich, “Experiment and Bias: The Case of Parsimony in Comparative Cognition” (2013) (McDonnell Post-doc in Philosophy-Neuroscience- Psychology at Washington University-St. Louis; now tenure track at Rochester Institute of Technology).

Orla Richardson, “Success and Reliability: Methodological Issues in Nanoscience Modeling” (2010) (Instructor, National University of Ireland, Galway).

William Devlin, “Defending the Enterprise: A Theory of Truth for Thomas Kuhn,” (2008) (Tenured at Bridgewater State University).

Ph.D. Thesis Examination at Other Universities

Nahuel Sznajderhaus, University of Leeds (U.K.), 2017.

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