My research is primarily focused on scientific modeling and explanation in the physical sciences, especially (more recently) the Earth sciences (geosciences).  I have published on a wide range of topics, including history of physics (e.g., Bohr’s correspondence principle, Dirac, Maxwell), intertheory relations (especially quantum-classical relation), thought experiments, supertasks, fictions in science, metaphysical indeterminacy, non-causal explanations, data models, and modeling in the geosciences.

I am the author of Reexamining the Quantum-Classical Relation: Beyond Reductionism and Pluralism, which came out with Cambridge University Press in 2008, and co-editor of four additional volumes (Philosophy of Quantum Information & Entanglement, Scientific Structuralism, Kuhn’s SSR 50 Years On, Turing 100).

I am currently working on a new authored book in the philosophy of the geosciences, writing a number of papers on the philosophy of data, and elaborating a new approach to scientific explanation I call the “eikonic” conception.

Current Book Project

Philosophy of the Geosciences

Current Paper Projects & Talk Themes

  • “Data Models, Representation, and Adequacy-for-Purpose” (with Wendy Parker)
  • “Synchronizing the Molecular and Fossil Clocks: Discordance and Iteration” (with Katherine Valde)
  • “Philosophy of Geologic Time”
  • “Taming the Tyranny of Scales”
  • “Stratotypes, Holotypes, and Standards”
  • “Learning to Measure What Isn’t There: The Problem of Missing Time”
  • “Peirce & the Philosophy of Metrology”
  • “Managing Uncertainty in Radiometric Dating”