Alisa N. Bokulich

Dr. Alisa Bokulich
Professor of Philosophy
Director, Center for Philosophy & History of Science
Boston University

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Visiting Professor
University of Edinburgh
Eidyn Research Centre
Edinburgh, Scotland (U.K.)

BU Philosophy Department Faculty Webpage


Visiting Researcher (Spring 2018)
Department of Philosophy and
Earth & Ocean Science, Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University

Senior Research Fellow (Fall 2017)
Institute of Advanced Study
Durham University, England (U.K.)

phi-Geo logoCheck out the latest news from the members of our philosophy of the geosciences research group on the φ-Geo page…
…including a new group paper on “Are We in a Sixth Mass Extinction?Image 7-25-22 at 10.46 AM

png-clipart-icon-logo-twitter-logo-twitter-logo-blue-social-media-thumbnailI have a new Twitter account where you can follow me for news on history, philosophy, & science (and a few pictures of sunsets and sailboats…) @AlisaBokulich.

5b79f2d5-151a-4d68-9527-13b72038aec3As a member of the PSA Governing Board it was an honor to help draft these statements on Police Violence and Black Lives Matter and on PSA’s Commitment to Antiracism.

upss-psa-top-final LogoAs Chair of the PSA’s UPSS Committee, I am excited to announce the launch of the Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholars (UPSS) Initiative webpage on the PSA website. Check out our mentoring & other programs.

EPSARead my EPSA Three-Minute Interview on Women in Philosophy of Science: The bad, the good, and advice for women and minorities in philosophy of science…

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 10.53.05 AMI am honored to accept the position of Regular Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh’s Eidyn Research Centre.

extinct My paper “Using Models to Correct Data: Paleodiversity and the Fossil Record” is February’s featured publication on Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog, along with comments by Derek Turner and Adrian Currie.