Alisa N. Bokulich

Dr. Alisa Bokulich
Professor of Philosophy
Director, Center for Philosophy & History of Science
Boston University


Regular Visiting Professor
University of Edinburgh
Eidyn Research Centre
Edinburgh, Scotland (U.K.)

Visiting Researcher (Spring 2018)
Department of Philosophy and
Earth & Ocean Science, Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University

Senior Research Fellow (Fall 2017)
Institute of Advanced Study
Durham University, England (U.K.)

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Read my EPSA Three-Minute Interview on Women in Philosophy of Science: The bad, the good, and advice for women and minorities in philosophy of science…

I am honored to accept the position of Regular Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh’s Eidyn Research Centre.

My paper “Using Models to Correct Data: Paleodiversity and the Fossil Record” is February’s featured publication on Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog, along with comments by Derek Turner and Adrian Currie.

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